Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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2017-02-14 13:50:00
   Dr. Ahmed Darwish, head of Suez Canal economic region has received, at the authority’s headquarters at Ain ElSukhna, a British dele
2017-02-14 13:46:00
Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority has assured that Suez Canal navigational traffic has recorded a new score in number and tonna
2017-02-12 14:02:00
Dr. Galal Mustafa Said, transport minister assured that 90% of Egypt trade volume with the world crosses through maritime ports, and that the country
2017-02-12 14:00:00
    Suez Canal Economic Authority media center has announced  that Port Said ports have registered 193 vessel in the period from 1/2/2
2017-02-12 13:57:00
Member of Parliament Said Teaama, head of transport and communication committee said that the committee was held in the attendance of admiral Tarek Gh
2017-02-07 14:02:00
  Rear admiral/ Mohamed Youssef, head of board of directors of  land and maritime transport holding company said that the company is about t
2017-01-29 11:52:00
Alexandria port authority has decided opening of Alexandria and Dekheila straits in front of navigation traffic after improvement in weather condition
2017-01-29 11:50:00
General secretariat of”Homat ElWatan” party said that his party will present in front of presidency, during the meeting with Aswan city yo
2017-01-24 14:06:00
 Media center of Suez Canal economic region has announced that Port Said ports have recorded today 30vessels, a container vessel and anchored in
2017-01-24 14:03:00
Darwish: - most giant project in the world for the establishment of berths on an area of thousand meters in Suez Canal corridor -   &n
2017-01-22 14:24:00
   Egyptian transport minister, Dr. Galal ElSaied has decided to allocate and activate a regular touristic line through Alex port for voyage
2017-01-22 14:19:00 | Section Name : Tenders
 Dr. Galal ElSaied, transport minister has met with Premget Sadasefan, Singapore ambassador in Egypt to debate over cooperation between the two s
2017-01-17 11:42:00
 Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority said that the Canal has witnessed the crossing of 89 vessel of tonnages 5.4 million to
2017-01-10 14:03:00
 Reda ElGhandour, official spokesman of Alexandria port general authority assured regularity of vessels and trucks traffic and stevedoring proces
2017-01-10 14:02:00
  Malak Youssef, Red Sea port authority spokesman has announced that Safaga port has witnessed a noticeable activity in cargo handling traffic, w
2017-01-10 14:00:00
  Malak Youssef, Red Sea port authority spokesman has announced that Zaityat port is getting ready to receive the vessel” Gas Pride”
2017-01-10 13:57:00
  President Sisi has inaugurated Safaga port after its development with a cost of 520 million pounds on and an area of 825thousand meter. It incl
2017-01-03 14:04:00
Suez Canal Economic Region General Authority will sign today a cooperation protocol with Arab African bank for the sake of reinforcing joint cooperati
2017-01-03 14:03:00
 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez canal authority has issued decree number 568 for the year 2016 for the establishment of a department fo
2017-01-03 14:01:00
46 vessels have crossed the Suez Canal, Monday, of tonnages reaching two million ton.  Navigational statistics of Suez Canal authority has assur
2016-12-25 14:00:00
Alexandria port authorities has decided today, Sunday to continue closing of Alexandria and Dekheila straits for maritime navigation traffic for the s
2016-12-20 11:45:00
Malak Youssef, media spokesman of Red sea port authority  has announced that  Nuweiba port is getting ready today to receive the ferry  
2016-12-20 11:43:00
Malak Youssef, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has announced that maritime Hurghada port has been closed as a result of strong wind that rea
2016-12-18 14:25:00
  Maritime transport sector Egyptian/Jordanian joint technical committee  has started its third meeting at Jordan(twenty sixth session) &nbs
2016-12-18 14:22:00
 Dr. Galal ElSaied, transport minister has received Michel Diamses, Greece ambassador at Cairo to discuss means of cooperation between the two si
2016-12-18 14:20:00
  Dr.Galal ElSaied, transport minister has given severe instructions for head of Egyptian railways and ports authorities and head of tunnel metro
2016-12-17 11:21:00
Dr. Galal ElSaied, transport minister has issued ministerial decree number 800 for the year 2016n dated 14-12-2016 concerning issuing organizational r
2016-12-06 13:10:00
  44 vessel have crossed the Suez Canal of tonnages reaching 2million, 587 thousand ton Suez Canal authority navigational statistics have shown
2016-12-06 13:08:00
  Engineer/ Alaa Saedawy, member of supreme authority of transport Egyptian society, said that Egypt is now qualified to transfer to a higher cat
2016-12-04 13:34:00
 “Makarena” vessel has arrived to Alexandria port coming from Malaysia carrying soya bean shipment of 19 thousand ton   Reda El

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