Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Al-Tharaya (Al-Sharteen) Start 12 May - Duration 13 day ، Summer
About Maritime Transport Sector
About Maritime Transport Sector

MTS Objectives

  • Setting the objectives and the policies of the authorities, bodies and entities, following up their application and coordinating between them.
  • Developing the Egyptian sea ports in order to cope with the progress of the maritime transport industry and to acquire the necessary competitiveness through updating their infrastructure and facilities as well as transforming the role of the ports from being just a gateway or a passage to become one of the links of the multi-modal transport chain and a distribution center.
  • Coordinating with the governmental bodies, ministries, ports authorities, maritime chambers and port users in order to unify, revise and scrutiny the resolutions, laws and regulations. Raising the efficiency of the maritime transport personnel according to the international standards to be able to provide labor to the foreign countries.
  • Accessing the information technology era in the Maritime Transport Sector.
  • Achieving the safety of navigation in the territorial waters according to the international standards as well as preventing and combating maritime accidents and pollution.
  • Encouraging the participation of the private sector in the maritime transport activities and the ownership of vessels and floating units.
  • Following up, anticipating and consequently coping with the world maritime transport development, in order to increase the Egyptian transit trade volume.

IMO Secretary-General

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