Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Heen (Saad Al-Ekhbeeh) Start 21 March - Duration 13 day ، Early Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Ouah – Bard El-Agwza Start 24 March - Duration 6 days ، N.A

ISPS Code for the Egyptian Ports

The following table shows the ISPS Code seaports within the Arab Republic of Egypt:

Port Name Port ID Number Approval Date
Alexandria Port Authorities
Alexandria Port 14726 17-Jun-2004
Dekheila Port 17350 17-Jun-2004
Damietta Port Authorities
Damietta Port 17373 13-Jun-2004
Port Said Port Authorities
Port Said Port 14867 17-Jun-2004
Arish Port 0057 16-Sep-2004
Port said East Port N.A N.A
Red Sea Ports Authorities
Suez Port 14928 24-Jun-2004
Adabieh Port 14689 24-Jun-2004
Safaga Port 17891 24-Jun-2004
Hurghada Port N.A N.A
Sharm El-Sheikh Port N.A N.A
Sokhna Port 219475 8-Jul-2004
Noueibah Port N.A N.A
Al-Tour Port N.A N.A