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Commercial Ports
Commercial Ports


Port Description


El-Arish port is the only Mediterranean port at the north of Sinai. Until 1982, it was merely a fishing vessel berth lacking the least of facilities. Since 1987, developments were made to protect the port seawards, and to adapt it for fishing activities as well as cargo traffic and transits, crop exportation and different maritime sports, after executing the port development works.

Port Specifications

Total Area 230.000 m.sq
Water Area 180.000 m.sq
Land Area 50.000 m.sq
Total Yards Area 34.000 m.sq






1.2 million tons / year Detailed Data is as follows:

  • General Cargo: 1.2 million tons/year.
  • Max. Ship Size: 8 m. draft-vessels
  • Working Hours: 24 hrs. divided to 3 shifts

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