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Vice admiral, Mameesh meets with Singapore ports delegation at East Port Said Accomplishment of berths at East Port Said by the end of this year.

 Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Canal Economic Region has received Singapore port officials who visit Egypt  to follow-up latest cooperation developments  between the Region and Singapore ports in operating new East Port Said Ports  

The Economic authority in a statement said that Mameesh has met with Singapore delegation in the attendance of head of armed forces engineering authority, Kamel ElWazir.   

  He added saying that we have complete trust in Singapore ports in operating and managing ports and establishing berths, especially container berths PSA is an opportunity to launch in economic region pointing out to cooperation with Singapore in a new wider range. 

 Mameesh has also assured that there are instructions from Egyptian authorities to prompt cooperation with Singaporean side and existence of more investment participation: especially concerned with successfulness of East Port Said developmental region, pointing out that Singapore port will constitute to a great extent in East Port Said port success.  

 Mameesh has also declared establishing a technical joint committee between the two sides to accomplish work during the coming period and starting of workshops.  

 From his side deputy head of Economic authority had explained details of works established in East Port Said region through a presentation of East Port Said port and berths which are to be operated next June 2018. He also showed volume of work that the port can encompass, also works in logistic and industrial region which are to participate in vessels’ handling traffic in the future on new berths also a detailed presentation of the region’s general plan  and its incentives and privileges especially concerned with ports  which are considered  main gate linking Asia with Africa.

  Moreover, there was a presentation of roads and tunnels network that serve East Port Said, pointing out that implementation percentage in industrial region road network has reached 52%  of total work  which all are to be ended and turned over before June 2018, assuring that there is about 10Egyptian local companies working at East Port Said site  of skilled technical laborers, where percentage of work accomplishment at berths and ports reaches between 85% to 99% which is considered a high rate.

 Worth noting that by the end of October 2 kilometer of East Port Said berths will be accomplished, out of remaining 3Km, and to be turned over by December 2017.    

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