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Mameesh: reductions provided for vessels crossing the Canal have no negative impact

  Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Canal Economic Region said that there is no negative impact for reduction decree on services provided to vessels in the economic region ports; on the contrary this will increase volume of investments during the coming period.  

 He has pointed out during special statements that vessels coming from foreign ports to region’s ports   handle more than 200 containers in one voyage: stevedoring, also Egyptian vessels handle more than 200 container.


 He added that applying common comprehensive invoice system for vessels crossing the Canal, which has been agreed upon with transport minister last month, will start working with as from next October. That is, that Suez Canal authority will be in charge of collecting the invoice dues.  And the authority is to distribute rest of state’s entities dues, which reaches 7 in number, instead of vessel shipping agent, which helps in attracting vessels.  


  Mameesh continued that the comprehensive invoice will have common accounting basis and will help making any differences between any of them in estimating or counting of numbers of vessels and will prevent any contradictions in between or duality in estimating the dues. It also includes rapid settlement of any differences resulting from navigational services provided account, and that this invoice will be implemented as first stage on maritime ports affiliated to Suez Canal Economic region.  

 The official newspaper has published vice admiral Mameesh decree concerning such reductions on containers that cross the Canal with percentages starting from 3% and reaching 50%: where a reduction percentage of 3% will be granted to vessels that carry 1000 container, 30% for vessels carrying 2000container and 45% reduction on passage of 3000container whereas a reduction of 50% will be granted to vessels carrying from 3000 container to 5000 container.