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Mining Ports
Mining Ports

EL Masriyeen

Safaga Mining Port (EL Masriyeen)

Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code (VHF) 12 16



Long 33 o 57 \ E
Lat 26 o 44 \ N


Port Characteristics

Weather Prevailing winds is north west and south east.
Water Density 1.04 (g / cm3)
Raining Season winter
Tidal Range and Flow 1.2 to 2.1 (m.)


Port Description


Safaga Mining Port is situated on the Red Sea Coast, south of Hurghada city by about 60 km and north of Al Qusayr by about 80 km and there is no barriers or artificial straits in Safaga port, but there are several island and coastal theefs.


An iron berth situated below a 3m thick cement shed, and a silo for liquid cement and packaged crushed phosphate from the Nasr Company mines; it is crushed at the company’s headquarters near the port.

Port Activity

Shipping of packaged phosphate and unprocessed liquefied cement.

Date of Establishment


Port Characteristics

Sea Area 0.3 km2 (343018 m2)
Capacity 1000 tons/day
Work hours 8 hrs/ shift

Navigational Characteristics

Navigation Data

Entrance channels affiliated to the Safaga Port administration and the VTS terminals. There are also 3 buoys as well as 4 mooring candles on the berth.

Pilotage Data

Pilots are provided through the administration of the Safaga Port affiliated to Red Sea Ports Authority. The pilot boards the vessel at the end of the port access channel which has been dredged.

Berths Characteristics

The main quay for the shipment of phosphate and the secoundry quay are wooden scaffolds with 150 m lenghth and 10 m width along the main ports berth

Detailed berth information

Berth No. Berth name Berth length Depth Year of Establishment
Berth type An iron berth situated below a thick cement shed a wooden berth 16 m and depth 7-8 m.
1 Safaga Mining 19 5-17 1957


Port Services& Facilities



- The port includes offices of different agencies; the customs agency, ports security, health and the port management office at the Nasr Mining Company.
- The port has 2 VHF and a communication network with safaga commerical port.


fresh water -electricity -sanitary sewage -fuel station

Stevedoring Equipment

Loading is performed on belts passing from the loading hold to the loading berth, as well as through 2 pipelines for raw phosphate, that are connected to a cement silo outside the port.


Address Safaga- Red Sea - Al-Hamrawein - El- Nasr Mining Company.
Telephone (065) 342 01 22- 342 0124.
Fax (065) 3120168


Data source:central department of spcialized ports and marine environment