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Mining Ports
Mining Ports

Abu Tartour

Safaga Mining Port (Abu Tartour)

Time zone GMT + 2
Wave Code (VHF) 12 16


Long 33 o 57 \ E
Lat 26 o 44 \ N


Port Characteristics

Location South Safaga city, on Safaga – El-Kosseir Road on "3.3-4.6"
Contents Shipping device – Phosphate berth of 280 m length.
Port Activity Exporting Egyptian Phosphate – Packed Cement - Exporting of crude Alchortz.
Date of establishment 1990



Total Area 400000 m2 + 252000 m2(Future extensions)
+ 24000 m2 from the western gate + 250 m2 restareas.
Maximum Capacity 1.1 million tons phosphate/year.
Capacity 0.7 million tons phosphate/year.
0.5 million tons cement/year.
Shipping rates 1500 tons / hour
Working Hours 24 hr.

Navigational Characteristics


Using navigational signs and entrance applications for Safaga Commercial ports and navigational aids for Safaga Port and using VTS terminals.

Shipping Rates

1500 tons/hr.


Pilotage Data

Pilots are provided through the administration of the Safaga Port affiliated to Red Sea Ports Authority. ISPS requirements are provided to be applied under the supervision of Safaga Port.

Berths Characteristics

Detailed berth information

Berth no. Berth Name Berth length (m) Depth (m)
Berth type One 260 14

Port Services& Facilities


Pure Water – Electricity – Fire Combating.

Security & Safety & Environmental Preservation Measures

Dust Suction Units and Fire Combating Equipments.

Stevedoring Equipment

Handing belts – Shipping Cranes.


Administration Executive System for the general Authority of Industrial and Mining Projects "Ministry of Industry".
Address 14 – A El-Alfy Street – El-Thawra Building Cairo.
Telephone (065) 3251295
Fax (065) 3252105


Data source:central department of spcialized ports and marine environment