Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Mining Ports
Mining Ports

Abu Ghosoun

Abu Ghosoun

Time Zone GMT +2



Long 35 o 12 / E
Lat 24 o 26 / N


Port Description

The port is located 80 km south of Mersa Alam,340 km2 south of Hurghada. The port consists of a 53m. Long berth made of concrete blocks with 35 m. width, and a depth varying between 8 and 9 m. It receives vessels for phosphate shipping with capacity up to 15 thousand tons. The port has been fitted with a small breakwater, 2 light buoys, a turning buoy as well as a light alert beacon on top of the breakwater. There is also a dock and controlling room for carrier movements. Minerals Shipping from Production Sites to the Port through 20-ton vehicles, at the rate of 500 tons / day, which can be increased to 1500 tons /day. Minerals Shipping from Vessel Storehouses are done through conveyor belts at the rate of 1500 tons / day for pulverized phosphate to 3000 tons l day for crude quartz aluminates.


Activity Exporting and shipping mining materials.
Date of Establishment 1958.


Port Characteristics

Land Area 85000 km2
Water Area 75000 m2
Capacity 1- 2 boats monthly with a rate of 8-12 thousand tons and the port can accommodate vessels with tonnage 13 thousand tons


Berths Characteristics

2 Berths one of them is for services of length 53 x 35m, 50 x 20m and depth:8-9m


Navigation Data

The port is equipped with floating fenders,bollards,buoy and beacon on top of the Breakwater.

Port Equipment

1 motorboat for pilotage used for transporting the pilot to the vessel before mooring, in addition to vessels mooring on bollards of second moorings and floating buoys. The port also has 1 mechanical crane of 10 tons capacity for lifting belts on vessels.


Port Facilities

Fresh water - Electricity - Pilotage - 2 VHF


Address El-Nasr Mining Company 23, Talaat Harb st. Cairo.
Telephone (02) 3927224-3929882.
Fax (02) 3931765.
Telephone Port 097/ 2890320.


Data source:central department of spcialized ports and marine environment