Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Heen (Saad Al-Ekhbeeh) Start 21 March - Duration 13 day ، Early Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Ouah – Bard El-Agwza Start 24 March - Duration 6 days ، N.A

Mameesh: 65 vessel crossing the Suez Canal of tonnages 4 million cargo ton

  Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and Economic Region general authority, said that the Canal has recorded an exceptional score by the passage of 65 vessel carrying 4 million ton of cargo, where the number of passing vessels from the north reached 35vessel of tonnages reaching 2 million tons first of which was Denmark giant container vessel “MARCHEN MAERSK” of tonnage 200thousand, 360ton coming from Rotterdam and directed southwards to Singapore.  

 Whereas number of coming vessels from the south are 30vessel of tonnage 2 million cargo tons headed by Libya giant container vessel “MSC REEF” of tonnage 198.8 thousand ton coming from Malaysia and directed northwards to Spain.  Mameesh has also added that navigatio0nal traffic has also witnessed Sunday the crossing of the most modern touristic vessel in the world “Joy “on its first voyage; after entering service  at 4 march 2017. The vessel is of length 331m and width 41m and tonnage 183 thousand ton flying the flag of Bahamas islands and coming from Krait Island directed to Oman, where the vessel is capable of carrying 3883 passenger and the crew is 1821 individual.