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Sahar Nasr debates with Mameesh pumping investments to develop Suez Canal corridor

Dr. Sahar Nasr, investment and international cooperation ministry has met yesterday with Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority, in the attendance of master Osama ElSherif , head of “Amiral” group holding company and member of “Sonker for vessels’ bunkering” at ministry’s headquarters at Salah Salem St.

 Both sides have debated pumping new investments amongst the plan of developing ports located at Suez Canal development region targeting reinforcing competitiveness. In addition to implementing the president instructions, coordinating between Suez Canal authority and private sector to make use of vacant berths at ports located at the Region to establish a number of projects.  

  Both sides have agreed upon demolishing obstacles confronting liquid bulk project between International Dubai ports and Sonker company for vessels’ bunkering which aims at launching biggest project for storing and handling petroleum products at Egypt, with investments reaching half milliard dollars for Snoker Company which represents an example for partnership between private and public sectors.   

 Mameesh has also reviewed during the meeting plan of developing the six ports located at Suez Canal region: which includes ports of East and West Port Said, in addition to ports of Sukhna, Arish, Tour and Adabeyia. Pointing out that the plan includes establishment of new berths, dredging ports’ depths located at the region, updating stevedoring processes and stores and applying electronic system at ports.

 ElSherif has mentioned that Snoker company is undergoing establishments of giant stores for storing and handling Petroleum materials according to modern updated storage and handling in the world.  Also the company owns ambitious lines for direct investment in the region with investments reaching milliard dollar during 5 years.  

 Investment minister has assured that the ministry is undergoing many procedures and steps to encourage investment in the region, this within a clear comprehensive investment plan ongoing now. The minister has also pointed out that developing ports located at the region and raising its provided services is considered amongst effective essential steps encouraging investors and attracting more investments to such region.

 Moreover, both sides have agreed upon the importance of providing all services and infra-structure for investors in the region amongst the plan of developing ports which is considered an attracting factor for them and coordination between all ministries to set this in the investment map.    

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