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Mining Ports
Mining Ports



Time Zone GMT +2


Port Description


Hamrawein is located on the Red Sea Coast, North of El-Quseir City, about 20 km away and 60 km south Safaga. It consists of a berth of concrete blocks.


Exporting and Shipping mining materials (Phosphate – Aluminum)

Date of Establishment


Port Characteristics

Land Area 0.04 km2 (36225 m2)
Port Productivity 6 thousand tons/day increasing to 7 thousand tons/day.
Capacity Shipping 2-3 boats monthly.
Working Hours 24 hours during shipping steamboats.


Navigation Characteristics

Navigational Data

The port does not have any artificial fences or straits but is naturally protected from Southern and Western sides by coral reefs. The port consists of 2 mooring buoys fitted with an alert light at night, 2 compatible towers lighted at night, as well as 7 bollards,3 on the main quay and 2 on the northen quay 1 on the land and the other one on the conceret base over the southern reefs taking into consideration that the port does not work in entering and exiting at night.

Pilotage Data

  • Pilotage is executed 2 by the experienced maritime pilot always available as well as a qualified maritime crew.

Berth Characteristics

Berths Detailed Data

Berth No. Berth Name Length (m) Depth (m) Year of Establishment
Kind of Berth Dry Bulk
Concrete Blocks Hamrawein 68 10.5 1975


Port Services and Facilities


1- There are customs administration offices, port security offices, health offices and company port management.

There are 4 wireless VHF , as well as telephones and cell phones.

Safety, Security and Environmental Protection

There are 2 fire engines, water pumps, track covers, fence and foresting around fences ، A fire line is available on the berth as well as fixed & mobile fire powder pumps.

Stevedoring Equipment

A shipping device, major belt, wide belt and 2 shipping arms,Raz - mobile crane, 2 diesl cranes ,2 manual cranes for services ,maritime launch ,felucca and maritime barage .


Administration 23 Talat Harb Cairo (Al Nassr co. for mining).
Address El-Hamrawein – Red Sea.
Telephone (065) 3420124 - 3420122
Fax (065) 3420168 – 3420124

Data source:central department of spcialized ports and marine environment